Do you own any of the following:

- Times Soundset for VS-2,
- AMP Sound Bundle for VA-2 and VS-2?

You can purchase the New Times Soundset for VS-3 for almost 40 % of its original price.

Just follow 3 steps:
STEP 1 - Send me the copy of the PayPal or KVR Marketplace receipt.
STEP 2 - Buy the update (Paypal button below).
STEP 3 - Give me some time to check the old receipt vs buyer details.
... FINAL STEP - If both match, you get the New Times soundset from me!

Update Price: $10

1) I have placed the update order, but forgotten to send you my old purchase receipt.
You can just send it via email asap. Sorry, you won't get the set without that. If I don't get the previous receipt for some time after the Update purchase is done - of course $10 will be returned.
2) I cannot find my old purchase receipt.
Sorry, it is the only way to meet the update conditions.
2) I bought New Moon Update a few hours ago and still have not received it.
Be understanding, please. I am a one person company. A guy needs to sleep sometime :). Do not worry, you'll get it asap.